Go the Extra Mile by Giving Extra Service

By Rich Wilkins

Once when my daughters were very young, I took them to a fast-food restaurant for a carryout dinner. Back home I discovered that everything was incorrect and some items were missing. So I packed up the girls and drove back to the restaurant.

As I approached the counter, the person who had filled my order was about to wait on me again. I laid the order on the counter and she asked, “Sir, can I help you?” I said, “No, you’ve done enough for today. I prefer to talk to your manager.”

About 30 seconds later the store manager appeared. As I unloaded on this young man, he stood there patiently and listened to what I had to say. When I finally shut up, he looked me in the eye and said, “Sir, I am very sorry and understand how you must feel. Recently we have had some trouble with the person who filled your order and we are working with her to help her understand the importance of filling orders correctly. If you have a few minutes I would like to completely refill your order and I would like to get you a soft drink while we are refilling your order.”

Within three minutes he appeared with our corrected order and he apologized in depth for the delay and inconvenience. He looked at me again and offered to refund the purchase price of my order and told me that it wasn’t the cost of the order but establishing and maintaining a happy business relationship that was important. This was a young man who would go the extra mile by giving extra service.

To go the extra mile, we have to develop an attitude that says, “I’m going to do this for others unconditionally because of how good it makes me feel inside.”

Make a list of how you’ve gone the extra mile for others. As you complete the list, reflect on how it has made you feel. If you hold the door open for someone else expecting them to say, “Thank you,” you’ll probably set yourself up for disappointment. However, if you hold the door open because it makes you feel good to go the extra mile for somebody else, you will come out feeling on top of the world. It’s your state of mind and the attitude that you develop toward serving others that makes the difference. By going the extra mile, you’ll feel the wind at your back urging you forward.