Legato Picks Up the Tempo with V2i

By Heather Baldwin

When you sell to multibillion-dollar, global corporations can you count on your CRM system to give you up-to-the-minute information about the corporation in question or is a snapshot of the relationship a more realistic expectation? Until six months ago it was the latter for Legato Software. Sales reps were approaching global enterprises such as Merrill Lynch and Boeing, which might spend more than $1 billion a year on IT, without a whole-picture view of where that $1 billion-plus was being spent and how Legato’s solutions could best fit into the comprehensive IT picture. Legato, a global provider of open, enterprise-class software solutions and services for information management, was growing. But it wasn’t growing as fast as Legato President David Wright thought it could.

Part of the problem was that there was no system for collecting and sharing information. “There was no consistent process; every account executive had their own system,” acknowledges Wright. “It was an opportunistic approach. We’d find an opportunity and rush in and sell something rather than seeing the big picture.”

Enter PMC Voice2insight (V2i), a provider of voice-based sales data input and analysis services. Using V2i technology Legato reps now come out of their sales call and, with a single phone call, record all the details of that call, copy other key players on those notes and generate thank-you emails to clients. So everyone dealing with that client has up-to-the-minute knowledge of the client’s situation. The result? Sales reps have a big-picture understanding of each customer’s IT needs and plans, which means they’ve become more like indispensable consultants than salespeople. “Now we’re going after customer problems with the right resources, technology and services – we’ve become more consultative,” says Wright. “We’re selling on a whole different plane now.”

One of the factors most critical to the shift has been speed. Consider, for example, how Legato closed one sale simply due to the speed with which critical information was shared. When a Legato Software executive learned in a meeting with a key customer that their latest proposal was not in the front-running position for a major contract, the executive knew Legato needed to reposition itself. Immediately after the customer’s call, the executive, using his cell phone and V2i technology, communicated the situation and the required response plan to the appropriate Legato employees. Using the information he then received from these key individuals, the executive was able to reposition the Legato solution and win the business.

The numbers prove Legato’s new strategy is working. In the past six months, since it began using V2i, the company’s revenues have grown about 38% per quarter, while profitability over the same period has grown 50% per quarter. Previously, Legato was growing about 20% per quarter. While the boost can’t realistically be attributed to one single factor, Wright notes V2i “has helped us achieve double-digit growth for sure.”