Polished Presentations

By Heather Baldwin

Victoria Chorbajian, public speaking coach, media trainer and founder of Chorbajian Speaking Enterprises, believes a successful sales day is all about preparing well for your presentations. “A salesperson’s job is all about presenting the company’s product or service in a compelling and enticing way. Over and over, every day you must present yourself and your company. The key to a successful sale is in the presentation,” she says. According to Chorbajian, there are three steps to creating successful days.

1. Script your talk. This means not only writing your presentation and performing it, but scripting your performance as well. “Scripting is different from writing,” says Chorbajian. “When you write, you figure out what you want to say. When you script, you plan how you will say it.” Write notes to yourself about where you want to dialog with your customer, where you want to ask the customer questions. “A well-scripted talk is going to seem more spontaneous, not less,” explains Chorbajian. “Engage your audience. Whether you’re talking with 1 or 100 people, make sure they’re with you.”

2. Anticipate questions. “Most people in my business are not good at answering questions from the audience,” says Chorbajian. She suggests that you work with other sales staff to come up with lists of possible questions your customers may ask and then role play. “Ask each other these questions. See how other people respond,” she says. “Learn from your colleagues and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!”

3. Present with the proper flow. “Your audience needs to know where you are and where you’re going. Look at your transitions. If you can move from one topic to the next smoothly and keep the talk focused, the audience will better understand where you are going with the presentation.”

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