Win with New Sales Technology

By Lisa Ferrari

In this high-tech age, savvy sales people are the ones who take advantage of every techno-tool available. Here are some new technologies salespeople are using to get ahead of their competition.

Lead generation. idEXEC is an online database that provides salespeople with information on more than 2 million executive decision makers at more than 900,000 of the most significant public, private, government and nonprofit organizations in the United States and around the world. Salespeople can go online and build a customized search based on different criteria to create their own list of prospect companies.

Web-enabled CRM. The CRM solutions provider is pecking at the heels of CRM giants such as Siebel Systems and SalesLogix, with sales last year hitting $100 million. Unlike traditional CRM and SFA applications that involve purchasing, customizing and installing often costly software on a customer’s system, offers sales organizations a 100% web-enabled solution that requires little more than Internet access. Up-front costs are low and the start-up risk slight. Customers simply pay per subscriber, with the average rate $65 per month.’s customers now total 10,000 accounts with 120,000 users.

Web conferencing. Web conferencing services allow salespeople to meet with clients virtually through the power of the Internet. Salespeople can host online meetings between sales teams, customers and partners anywhere and anytime, which enables them to set up impromptu meetings, cover their territory faster, cut down on travel expenses and demonstrate products and software in real time over the Web. Web conferencing gives sales teams opportunities to win more business and accelerate the sales cycle. Some Web conferencing companies to look into include, and

Social networking. Social networking is the latest tech buzz term popping up in sales circles around the country and, soon, the world. Social networking is simply about using the power of the Internet to make connections with friends of friends and business colleagues of business colleagues. The goal of Internet sites such as,, and is to help business professionals and enterprise sales groups uncover a network of relationships and then use them to gain referrals and introductions.

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