A Personal Message to Salesmen

By Selling Power Editors

The great salesman must have at heart the interests of his customer, for no business can develop except as it promotes the interests of those who use its goods or its services.

In selling, the greatest possible unselfishness is the most enlightened selfishness.

My experience has taught me that the effort to make a man buy something he does not need, in the long run, defeats its own purpose.

The supersalesman will not only study the immediate needs of his customer, but he will provide for those needs even before the customer realizes that they exist.

One of the greatest elements of skill in a salesman is to create in the customer’s mind the thought that the salesman’s company will be able to produce the goods which the salesman is trying to sell. The samples may be fine, but the customer must know that the man in the factory behind the samples will also do his part to the uttermost.

The great salesman must be a man who can not only make the customer want to buy, but who can also make his own producing organization equally enthusiastic to deliver the goods. This is something new in salesmanship.

Good salesmanship means getting a good price for good material. He/She is not always the best salesman who sells the greatest quantity at the best price.

Success in selling is largely a matter of personal integrity well directed. For unless you can sell yourself, you will never have the opportunity to sell something else. And the number one personal selling point is integrity. Therefore I say cultivate integrity; cultivate it, cherish it and develop it.

If you are on a path that does not give you pleasure, you are wrongly placed and you had better start fresh. Go to that which you love to do and you will succeed. Be sure that you bend over backward to establish a reputation for honesty and right doing.

The supersalesman is a man true to the interests of the customer, whose supreme purpose is to quicken his customer’s imagination and make his customers see the true virtues of the goods that he is selling to them.