Outselling the Competition

By Cindy Waxer

Sales professionals face enormous challenges in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. AchieveGlobal’s new Selling Against the Competition training program aims to arm salespeople for greater success in this tough selling climate.

The one-day program is designed for groups of 6 to 12 participants. Salespeople learn to tailor their products and services to meet customers’ needs, use planning tools to differentiate themselves from competitors and address challenging customer reactions.

According to Seleste Lunsford, sales portfolio market director for AchieveGlobal: “The only way to outsell the competition is to outthink them.” One of the ways to outthink your competition is to identify customers’ needs and to pitch your products based on these needs. “You need to ask a lot of questions to understand customers’ situations. You need to understand their personal needs as well as what’s going on in their organizations,” advises Lunsford.

AchieveGlobal’s training program also teaches salespeople that their competitors aren’t necessarily selling the same products and services. For example, a salesperson selling contact management software also should consider customer relationship management vendors key competitors. “You’re competing against anybody else who is selling the same product or service – but you’re also competing against anyone who wants the budget and business that you’re aiming at,” warns Lunsford.

Similarly, salespeople must look beyond the benefits of their products and services. Lunsford says that salespeople should make the customer realize the opportunities that exist by taking advantage of their product’s benefits or special features. For example, if their e-commerce solution includes multiple language capabilities, they should inform their customers of how they might explore global business channels and niche markets.

AchieveGlobal’s training program also teaches participants how to use advanced probing skills to identify external and internal competition. Salespeople must research who they’re up against if they wish to win business. “Often salespeople don’t recognize all the competitors they have for a particular account, and they will lose out to someone they’ve never even heard of before,” says Lunsford.

AchieveGlobal’s one-day program can be delivered by an AchieveGlobal training performance consultant or an AchieveGlobal-certified facilitator. For more information, please click on www.achieveglobal.com