You Got Game

By Malcolm Fleschner

Nowadays, whenever professional athletes walk off the field having won the championship game they invariably turn to the camera and say: I’m going to Disney World! For fans who don’t get the chance to compete in the NFL or NBA, however, just attending live sporting events is often as good as, if not better than a trip to the Mouse House in Orlando.

With that in mind, for your next incentive trip why not send your high achievers to the sporting events of their choice with a program from Roadtrips? Roadtrips is a Winnipeg, Canada-based organization offering exclusive incentive trips that combine tickets to a variety of professional sporting events with hotel stays in cities across North America. According to Roadtrips president Dave Guenther, the company’s ProSport Getaway Awards offer a budget-conscious way for companies to jazz up the traditional hotel getaway.

“Beginning at just $250 per person, the ProSport Getaway Awards are similar to hotel vouchers but they also contain two tickets to a sporting event of the recipient’s choice,” he explains. “So in addition to getting what they would normally receive from a Marriott or Hyatt program, participants get to experience a game anywhere they want. It could be as simple as going downtown with your spouse to see a game and staying at a fancy hotel. Or maybe you’d like to take your son to Chicago’s Wrigley Field or your dad to see the Packers play at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.”

Guenther adds that for a large sales force the incentives can be tiered to reward one segment of performers at one level and the very top achievers at a higher level.”Let’s say one tier of your program is to improve your sales by 20% over the next year. People who do that will receive a ProSport Voucher ticket for a VIP sports getaway to the game of their choice,” he says. “But then you also can say that the top salespeople for the quarter will go to the Super Bowl or the World Series. We have all those deluxe experiences as well, so you can tier it that way too.”

One side benefit to the sports-themed incentive, Guenther notes, is that our country is obsessed with sports. Talk around the water cooler already revolves around recent local big games – the Roadtrips solution merely builds on that existing excitement.

“The so-called water cooler buzz is a very natural thing that emerges as soon as you put a program in place,” Guenther says, “which makes it very easy to sell people on the program with exciting images. And of course we’re able to provide some of those images and basic ideas to help companies with promotion.”

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