Commence Automates Administrative Tasks

By Heather Baldwin

Imagine how much more time you’d have to spend with customers if you could eliminate routine administrative tasks such as mailing out product literature or sending follow-up emails to new prospects. Commence Corp. imagined it – and then set about automating those kinds of repetitive administrative tasks in the latest upgrade to its CRM Application Suite, version 2.1. The new release aims to help salespeople not only build and maintain lasting customer relationships, but also to free up more time to spend with those customers.

The Commence Application Suite is designed for small- to mid-sized businesses, with limited administrative staffs, where “sales and support people are handling tasks that take away from selling and servicing their customers,” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corp. “This directly impacts lead generation, revenue attainment and customer satisfaction.”

Version 2.1, with its ability to automate any repetitive task, aims to give that time back to reps. For example, say your company’s standard procedure is that every time a new lead is passed to a sales rep, that rep sends out an email, follows up with a phone call five days later, then sends a literature packet. The Commence Application Suite can handle those functions automatically, sending out the email, putting the prospect on the rep’s call list on the appropriate day and adding the contact to a queue of people that need product literature, which an administrative assistant can then send out in bulk. Multiply the time saved by the number of prospects sales reps handle each week, and that’s a lot more time your reps can spend doing what they do best – selling.

“We’ve seen statistics that show that as much as half of a salesperson’s day is spent doing administrative tasks,” says Dean Smollen, Commence Corp.’s director of sales and marketing. “And any time salespeople are doing any type of administrative function, they aren’t selling.” Smollen adds that Version 2.1 offers as many options to automate tasks as there are business processes. “It’s very relative to the way people do business,” he says.

Other new features that will be of interest to salespeople include a graphical sales funnel and an organizational chart that reps can create for their prospects, enabling them to see how a prospect’s company is organized and where the decision-makers fit. The Commence Application Suite Version 2.1 will be available December 9 at $695 per license. Visit for more information.