ISM Automates Vendor Comparisons

By Heather Baldwin

Choosing a CRM vendor is tough. For starters, there are literally hundreds from which to choose. And even when you do get your list narrowed down, it’s hard to know what’s hype and what’s real – especially when you don’t talk tech. To make the job easier, check out ISM Compare, a new Web-based tool that enables users to compare different CRM software packages and their functionality in a head-to-head format, from the CRM research and consulting experts at Bethesda, MD-based ISM.

The program allows you to search for information in two ways – comparing applications by criteria or listing them by function. For example, say you’ve got your vendor list pared down to four and want a solid, objective comparison of some key criteria in their applications. You select the four products you want to compare and the specific evaluation criteria you want to see side by side, such as contact management, sales management, telemarketing and so on. Then click Submit and voila – you’ll see instantly ISM’s evaluation of each piece of software in each of the areas specified.

Alternatively, if you’re at the early stages of your vendor search but know where the final product needs to be especially robust to solve your organization’s challenges, you can choose the List Applications by Function option. Here you can select from a list of 16 function areas and ISM Compare will pull up all the products that excel in those areas, as well as show you how they rate in the other function areas. Currently there are 45 CRM applications in the ISM Compare database, and ISM plans to update it regularly. The applications have been reviewed based on 166 selection criteria developed by ISM.

In other words, searching for a CRM vendor just got a whole lot easier. The cost of ISM Compare is $295 for the first month and $69 for each additional month. To learn more, visit