Enhancing CRM with Good Karma

By Cindy Waxer

A good CRM solution, when deployed correctly, can help sales professionals sustain long-lasting relationships with their most profitable customers. But while most CRM solutions nurture customer-client relationships, sales professionals also require tools that help with customer acquisition.

Enter Techmar. A Massachusetts-based business service provider, Techmar recently introduced Karma, a lead management solution for business-to-business technology companies. Coupled with a CRM application, Karma allows companies to instantly capture and qualify leads, collect them in one central location, manage them throughout the entire sales cycle, and measure the results.

Tim Young, CEO of Techmar, says, “[Companies] are looking for a central repository – a marketing database that can hold all their prospect information for the customer acquisition process.”

So how does Karma assist in this critical stage of the sales process?

By integrating Karma with a CRM application, the solution allows sales professionals to add prospects to a central database via data imports, Web inquires and phone calls; distribute quality leads to sales; and gather sales feedback – all with the click of a mouse. Boasting an easy-to-use Web interface that can be deployed rapidly without the need for software installation, Karma also allows companies to determine their own criteria for what constitutes a quality lead.

“You can ask whatever questions you want for lead qualification,” says Young.

But that’s not all. For those sales professionals who would rather not spend endless hours cold calling potential clients, Techmar also can supply a company’s sales force with a team of account managers, program managers, data analysts and business development representatives to help with the process of identifying prospects.

“Companies who have highly trained, highly skilled and highly paid sales people generally do not want them to be the ones that are cold calling and doing all the grunt work necessary to acquire a customer. You want them focused on closing sales,” says Young. “Techmar provides the people that actually make the initial contact with prospects. Those same people then talk to the prospects until they reach qualification level, and then hand them off to the sales force.”

Karma pricing begins at $450 per month per user.