A New and Improved E.piphany

By Cindy Waxer

E.piphany Inc., a California-based provider of CRM solutions, has launched the newest version of its product suite, E.piphany E.6. Not unlike E.5, E.6 serves as a lead management, contact management and forecasting tool. But in its latest incarnation, the E.6 solution features hundreds of new features across its marketing, sales, service and analytic applications.

Leading the pack in innovation is E.6’s new and improved sales component. E.piphany Sales boasts a new user interface that is powered by ActivePath technology. Unlike typical CRM sales components that simply provide static information on prospects and clients, ActivePath technology actually guides sales professionals to the most appropriate activities throughout the sales process.

Ed Gory, E.piphany’s product line marketing manager, says, “ActivePath technology is designed to make sales reps more proactive – to give them information exactly where and when it’s needed to increase their effectiveness.”

E.6 boasts expanded support for wireless devices, such as Pocket PC and RIM BlackBerry handheld devices. By adding full-application wireless access and an enhanced interface, sales professionals no longer need to squint when viewing information displayed on their handheld devices.

“If you have a Pocket PC, we’ve made the application such that it uses the right amount of real estate on a Pocket PC to give an intuitive user experience instead of a crowded screen,” promises Gory.

With the release of E.6, sales professionals also can access and gather marketing data from Internet information services such as Hoover’s and NewsEdge. And E.6 features richer forecasting features, including enhanced pipeline visualization and historical trend-based forecasting. What’s more, the solution’s forecasting component can be customized to suit the varying and ever-changing needs of sales professionals.

Says Gory, “E.6 provides the ability for sales management to add and adjust different opportunities within the forecast. You can check your performance against quota within the forecast module, and you can dynamically recalculate the revenue potential based on changing opportunities.”