Take Your Program Online

By Malcolm Fleschner

Before you were given the keys to the executive washroom and “sales manager” was painted onto your office door, the company sent you through an exhaustive training program to teach you how to create and run a sales-incentive contest, right? OK, maybe not. But now it doesn’t matter – not with eMaritz here to do it all for you. Launched in July 2001, eMaritz.com is a step-by-step online service designed to help small-to-midsize businesses create sales-incentive programs.

“First you decide on a rules structure, then you customize the communications that will get the message of your objectives out to the participants,” explains Brian Fitzpatrick, president and COO of eMaritz. “Then you just select the award category you’d like to serve up for the program. It’s all there in front of you and you’re literally just responding to the questions that are posed to you as you go through the site to build your program.”

Fitzpatrick says eMaritz offers programs of three durations – one month, three months and six months – and a variety of rule structures that reflect the exact performances you want to reward. As a part of the promotional campaign users select, eMartitz offers automated emails that go out on predetermined dates to promote the program as well as to provide participants with performance updates and direct them to the homepage designed specifically for the program.

Fitzpatrick estimates that first time, out-of-the-box new visitors will take about 30 minutes from start to finish to create a program. If users do run into any trouble, eMaritz maintains a team of support personnel who are readily available for customer service via telephone.

But perhaps the greatest asset eMaritz offers is the cost. For sales contests eMaritz charges a mere $14.95 per participant per month, a significant cost savings over more traditional outside agencies or incentive consultants.

“What customers like about it is that they retain control,” Fitzpatrick says. “So from a convenience perspective they can focus on the need when they have time to do so from anywhere and anytime via the Web. They also like how easy it is to set up and launch the program and how economical it is. And they comment on how quick it is to deploy the solution within the market. So speed to market is an attribute that people find very appealing.”

For more information visit www.eMaritz.com