Color Me Beautiful

By Heather Baldwin

If your sales depend on the ability to project accurate, vibrant color in your presentations, there’s good news this month from Mitsubishi. The projector manufacturer just rolled out its new 6.6-lb. XD200, the first Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector with sRGB (Standard Red, Green and Blue, the basis of color reproduction in CRT monitors, LCD panels, projectors, printers and other devices) color compliance and the manufacturer’s ColorView Natural Color Matrix, a patented new color algorithm.

ColorView is the real coup in this new projector. It works by using six axis adjustments for the RGB and CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) color palettes, the six basic hues that make up the spectrum of color we see in projected images. Like a graphic equalizer, each of the axes, or colors, can be independently controlled and adjusted, which means when you add more red to an image to make it warmer, only the red changes. The green tones stay green and the yellow tones stay yellow, unlike in other projectors where more red would be added to each of the palettes. In addition, white color temperature can be set independently, providing even more accurate color matching. The result: more realistic images.

There are other impressive features as well. The native-XGA XD200 comes equipped with a 450:1 contrast ratio and a whopping 2,000 lumens, which ensures the picture will be bright enough to overcome just about any ambient light situation into which you may walk. No need to worry about the light being overpowering in a dim room, however – the projector comes with Mitsubishi’s IRIS, an intelligent room illumination sensor that automatically adjusts projector brightness to the light level in the room. Finally, it has inputs to run two computers and two video systems, such as a DVD player and VCR, simultaneously. The XD200 will ship in the January/February timeframe. Pricing has not yet been set.