Phone Home

By Heather Baldwin

CRM technology is only as valuable as the information that’s entered into it. And there’s the rub for the majority of organizations that have implemented a CRM solution. As many have learned the hard way: owning the technology is one thing; getting reps to sit down and keep the system updated is quite another.

Enter PMC Voice2insight. The Riverton, Utah-based company understands that getting sales reps to sit down and type after working a long day in the field is “smoking ‘hopeium’,” says Senior VP Eric Tippetts. Instead, he says, wouldn’t it be easier if reps could simply spend a minute or two on the phone calling in updates immediately after a sales call? That’s the idea behind Voice2insight (V2i). Sales reps dial a toll-free number, identify themselves using their four-digit code and then simply record the pertinent information from their call. The recording is picked up by V2i, transcribed, checked for accuracy and then mapped into the appropriate fields of the rep’s CRM system. Within 24 hours – but typically within six to eight hours, says Tippetts – the information will appear in the sales rep’s CRM application.

“When reps typed their own information, they were putting in less than one line: ‘Stopped off, dropped off literature, will call next Tuesday’,” says Tippetts. “Now our customers are getting a page of detail.” And it only takes a minute or two of the rep’s time to provide that detail. He can call it in on the way to his next appointment and by the end of the day, he’s done. “Reps can go home and have dinner with their families and not have to spend two hours inputting information,” says one V2i customer.

“My average sales call to Voice2insight is one minute 45 seconds,” says Troy Ebbert, vice president of sales and marketing with Ebbert Co., which represents manufacturers in the construction industry. “In that time I get pages of information that are filtered in a useable way. Prior to this system, the information I was getting was willy-nilly.” Ebbert credits the complete data he’s gathered through V2i with his recent closure of a $17,000 sale.

The V2i service costs $200 per month per sales rep. There’s also a one-time $4,500 charge for PMC Voice2insight to set up all the glossaries and templates, which will enable the company to accurately transcribe sales reps’ recordings and enter that information into the reps’ CRM systems. But as V2i users will attest, it’s a small price to pay for getting reps to input current information into CRM applications which, in many cases, cost millions of dollars. For more information, visit