Connect to Your Audience

By Heather Baldwin

Imagine one day being able to enter a new contact into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, clicking a single button and then sitting back while your computer creates a sales presentation customized for that client based on such information as his industry, company size, location and finances. Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, the technology is planned for release before the end of the year by a Chicago-based enterprise called Echo 3 New Media, creators of 3 Clicks Connect presentation software.

3 Clicks Connect works like a card catalogue, enabling a presenter to review and select pre-designed slides, video, animations and other media from a company library designed with the help of Echo 3. Presenters then download their chosen media and can adapt it to a specific client, adding, for example, client-specific bullet points or the customer’s logo to slides. Once complete, the presentation slides are listed by module, or subject area, on a “play list” so presenters aren’t locked into showing their slides in a specific order. If the customer decides he really doesn’t care about your company history and wants to skip right to product information, a click on the “product information” module will take the presenter to that series of slides.

When a company updates its slides or video, presenters who have downloaded the affected modules are alerted to the change, giving salespeople “the confidence of knowing that the module they’re working with is always the most accurate and up-to-date,” says Jill Kaz, Echo 3’s director of sales and marketing.

Echo 3 plans the release of version 2.3 of 3 Clicks Connect by year’s end. The new version will enable presenters to save their presentations to a Website as well as allow the presentations to be controlled by such programs as your CRM software. “Let’s say you’re using Siebel,” says Kaz. “When you input a contact’s information you could click on ‘create presentation’ and the system would be able to look at that customer’s demographics and pull together different modules to create a presentation for that customer. Then you can go through and edit it.”

3 Clicks Connect is sold on a per-license basis. Prices range from $495 per user for one to 50 licenses, to $350 per user for more than 1,000 licenses. An annual maintenance contract, costing 15 percent of the license cost, gives users free upgrades and unlimited technical support. Rollout typically takes three to four months. For more information, visit