Measuring Mobile Sales Productivity

By Geoffrey James

Have you ever wondered how many more sales your reps could close if they didn’t lose so much productivity time while on the road? Do you wonder how much additional revenue they could generate if they were equipped with the right mobile-computing capability? How much faster could you train your reps if they could easily access information while on the road? Such companies as GE Medical Systems and Pfizer turned to BackWeb to not only answer these questions, but also to give them a solution.

BackWeb’s Offline Web solution represents an important breakthrough in mobile-computing software. Offline Web is best suited for sales organizations with large field sales forces that use a variety of productivity applications. Many sales managers know they need new technology to remove productivity limitations, but most wrongly believe that nothing can be done because the problem is just too complicated. To answer those burning sales-rep-productivity questions, you should consider engaging in a BRAVE study.

BackWeb created the BRAVE study to examine the productivity investments that you’ve already made in SFA and CRM solutions. The study assesses the benefits you intended to receive from SFA and CRM applications and determines to what degree those benefits were thwarted because your mobile sales force had only limited access to those applications. A BRAVE study uncovers ways that your current technology could boost productivity even higher if your sales force had uninterrupted access to Web-based productivity tools. The seven-step BRAVE process includes a thorough analysis of your field sales and support organizations, locates opportunities to generate additional revenue and reduces costs by improving your team’s mobile-computing capability.

BackWeb’s BRAVE consultants assess the negative impacts of offline limitations and provide a plan to improve productivity by giving your sales force uninterrupted access to your company’s most important Web-based applications and tools. BRAVE allows you to understand – and quantify in dollars and cents – how much more productive your salespeople would be if they weren’t forced to cope with an incomplete computing environment while on the road. What could be more enlightening or beneficial to your bottom line? To learn more about the BRAVE process, download this white paper, “Measuring Mobile Sales Productivity.”