Eleven Great Retention Strategies

By Renee Houston Zemanski

Here are some retention strategies from the book 1,001 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back: Wow Ideas That Make Customers Happy and Increase Your Bottom Line by Ted Kinni and Donna Greiner.

1. Build an unbeatable bundle of products and services. Take a cue from Amazon.com: If you want to keep your customers, make sure they can get what they want without leaving your premises. Amazon not only sells books, but also videos, music and greeting cards, to name a few.

2. Give your customers an incentive to come back. Incentives could be a gift, a discount or special financing.

3. Tap into the power of communities of interest. Think of your customers as a community and your company as the common connection they share. Harley-Davidson and Saturn are good examples.

4. Stand behind your work and reap the rewards of trust. Be there when your customers need you.

5. Support good works and your customers will support you. Doing well by doing good is a powerful loyalty builder.

6. Show your appreciation to every customer. Thoughtfulness works.

7. Know your trophy customers and treat them best of all. Give them extra services or put them in a special club. Make them feel as special as they are.

8. Make it easier to buy from you than your competition. Remember, convenience is king.

9. Go and get ’em. Remind your customers that you’re there for them by communicating at appropriate times.

10. Find out what your customers want and give it to them. Listen to your customers and respond.

11. Become a customer service champion. Put your customers first.

Ted Kinni is co-founder, along with Greiner, of The Business Reader, a business-to-business bookseller based in Williamsburg, VA. Publishers of The Business Reader Review, they are also the authors of three additional books exploring best practices of business.