Write It Down

Want to make yourself more comfortable selling over the phone? Then think about creating scripts to help you with some of your more frequent types of sales calls. Here’s how.

1. Determine your goal. Get a clear idea what the goal of the call will be. What specific action do you want the customer to take as a result of your call?

2. Write a benefit opening. Write a brief opening with a benefit statement tied to the objective you defined in the first step. Of course, you should also make sure to greet the customer and identify yourself before launching into your script.

3. Write the middle. Include more details here to fill in customers on what you have to offer. Also, write down the open-ended questions you will ask customers to get them to provide the information that helps guide the rest of the call.

4. Keep it short. Hone your script so that you’re not including extraneous information or telling too much. You don’t want to drive customers away by overinforming them.

5. Close with action. Your close should be directly tied to your goal for the call. Ask customers to take that action or at least allow you to continue to the next step in the process. In your closing statement, try to include what benefit the customers will enjoy by taking that action.

6. Make it casual. Go back over your script. Read it aloud. Does it sound conversational and relaxed or highly scripted and forced? Make any necessary changes to have it sound the way you would normally speak off the cuff.

7. Test and adjust. Try your script out on real calls and test the results. Then make slight changes and see how that affects outcomes. Use your experiments to make minor changes until you have a script that works consistently.