Selling Power Magazine – April 2015
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Features in this issue include:
  • Brewed for Success: How Meg Gill is taking on the $15 billion beer market
  • How to Become a High Achiever
  • Sales Technology: A roundup of the latest tech tools to help propel sales forward
  • Four Principles of Great Management
Daily Boost of Positivity
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Sales Management Digest
How to Keep Your Sales Pitch from Falling Flat
When was the last time you watched someone's eyes glaze over the moment you started talking about your product and what it does? READ MORE

Questions to Qualify Prospects
In many respects, qualifying prospects is like investigative journalism. READ MORE

Double Your Sales And Crush Your Competition: The Neuroscience of Customer Engagement

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Daily Cartoon
You know, when they said this job involved lots of cold calls, I thought...