Selling Power Magazine – June 2017
Selling Power in the Cloud
Features in this issue include:
  • A Pattern of Success: Featuring former DocuSign CEO Keith Krach
  • Learn How to Implement a Global Approach to Sales
  • How to Replace a Negative Attitude with Positive Energy
  • How Objections Represent Your Road to Sales Success
  • When to Train or When to Coach
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Stop whatever you're doing and delight in being alive! Sense the physical processes inside you, the good in people around you, and the beauty of the world you live in. Keep everything in context; smile and laugh (especially at yourself). Accept and embrace change. No matter what you want, whatever happens is going to happen. Be fit for success. Exercise and take care of yourself. Speed up your body action by moving to music, stretching, or jogging. Movement helps eliminate pent-up stress by aiding the removal of stress-produced chemicals that…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Why Sales Reps Talk Too Much
How many times have you noticed salespeople talking themselves out of a sale? READ MORE

Five Resources Your Sales Team Needs in the New Era of Sales
Does your sales team have the resources it needs to succeed? My family and I learned the importance of having the right resources when we went on a trip to a theme park in November. READ MORE

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I remember now - you were with the company that always had the lowest price!